My letter of commitment



XO Madam, Sustainable and Committed



At XO madame, we are committed to showcasing our local know-how while preserving it.

To do so, we try our very best to create low carbon footprint stays. Thus, we offer you to discover the vineyards of Cognac through sustainable means of transport such as cycling.

We also endeavor to make our customers aware of our environmental commitments by focusing on short distribution channels. Our picnics’ products come from local producers, we favor minimally processed products and we use seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Because we favor of a sustainable approach to tourism, we limit waste by avoiding the use of plastic cutlery and packaging in favor of reusable and/or recyclable cutlery.

In addition, XO madame is committed to offering you the best experiences:

  • Thanks to passionate partners about their professions and eager to share their knowledge while limiting the impact of tourism on the natural environment. Thus, all the winegrowers with whom we work are committed to the HVE (High Environmental Value) approach.
  • With tailor-made stays adapted to your wishes and needs and with a seasoned team passionate about their job and eager to make you live unforgettable experiences.
  • With a devoted and available team, reachable from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm to support you throughout your stay. And you can also reach us on weekends in case of emergency, of course.