XO Madame presents herself as a DMC, or receptive agency, specialized in wine tourism within the Cognac vineyard.

Great, but what exactly is a DMC?

DMC is the acronym for “Destination Management Company” – a term used in the specific language of the tourism sector also known as DMO: Destination Management Organizations.

The term receptive agency is also used, although tourism professionals have an array of synonyms, too:

  • receptive travel agency
  • receptive
  • receptive desk
  • local agency (= country agency)
  • local agent
  • local representative
  • local tourism development agency

The expression Destination Management Company is most often used in the context of business tourism but can also be encountered in that of leisure tourism.

These terms actually refer to an agency, present at the place of destination, and responsible for organizing on site all aspects of the stay thanks to its perfect knowledge of the territory but also of its various actors.

A DMC can intervene on behalf of a Tour Operator (TO), an event agency or directly for the company wishing to organize an event on the destination (seminar, incentive, etc.).

Of course, in accordance with French legislation and the “code du tourisme” (Tourism Code). Receptive agencies are registered in the “Registre des Opérateurs de voyage et de Séjour” (Register of Travel and Stay Operators) with Atout France and must be covered by a financial guarantee for the benefit of the consumer.

As stipulated by the Tourism Code, only operators registered as travel agents are authorized to sell tourism packages A tourism package is the combination of at least 2 services, also called travel services belonging to one of the following categories: transport, accommodation, car rental and tourism services, covering at least 24 hours or including one night.

Why uses a DMC?

In addition to being compliant with tourism regulations, Destination Management Companies exist to facilitate the organization of trips and tailor-made events.

DMCs can handle all aspects of their clients’ travels and events: ticket reservations as well as local transportation, reception and transfers from train stations or airports, accommodation, restaurant reservations, cultural tours, corporate evenings, creative workshops, team building activities, and much more.

DMC agencies position themselves as a single point of contact for their client and serve as intermediaries with secondary service providers. In addition to the qualitative added value they undeniably bring to the service, they also save a considerable amount of time ahead of the stay.

Receptives are locally established agencies, and their perfect knowledge of the territory allows them to handle easily and efficiently all types of requests. In addition, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the tourist resources of the destination, the DMC agency can offer unique ideas of activities and cultural itineraries to their customers. Ideas that would otherwise be impossible to find through standard agencies or on the Internet.

They work with a comprehensive network of trusted local providers and select from their directory the suppliers that best match the needs of customers. This also avoids unreliable providers.

The Destination Management Company usually works closely with its client. The receptive agency establishes a degree of trust with its client and takes care of all the necessary arrangements according to the needs and objectives of the company.

In addition, they adapt the selection of suppliers and the services offered to individual budgets.

Ahead of the stays, DMCs therefore build on demand, tailor-made offers, both for individuals (FIT stays), but also for groups or businesses for seminars (MICE), to create unique experiences.

In addition, for the duration of the stay or event, receptive agencies are present on site to manage all practical aspects, such as the physical reception – among other details – which, as you know, are particularly important for a smooth stay and which contribute to its full success.

But receptives are also present to answer all the customers’ questions and help them to immediately solve all types of small, last-minute problems that inevitably arise during a stay.

The presence of a receptive on site therefore brings a real human dimension and this is what makes a big difference with a more impersonal trip. In addition, DMCs are true hospitality professionals. They often demonstrate a great sense of service, quite close to a high-end concierge service such as those of luxury hotels.

The receptive is the guarantor of the smooth running of the stay on site – and even the cornerstone of its success.

In addition, the volume of business of the receptive allows them to buy from suppliers (hotels, cultural and/or leisure activities, etc.) at a significantly discounted rate. DMCs generally earn their living from reselling services with a margin, which, if they are well negotiated at the time of purchase, have only a slight impact on the final sale price – especially as this is accompanied by a significant rise in the services’ quality.

What services do DMCs offer and XO madame agency in particular?

Destinations Management Companies offer a multitude of services as they take care of all aspects of their clients’ travel and events:

  • transport: air, rail, land
  • transfers: airport, train station, hotel, places of visit, etc.
  • reception and support
  • provision of bilingual professional tour guides
  • accommodation – in hotels, bed and breakfasts or guesthouses
  • catering, whether it is restaurant reservations or the organization of tailor-made dinners with caterers
  • organization of guided tours: cultural, heritage, city visits or company visits
  • car rental
  • various activities: bike rental, organization of guided bike rides, 2CV rally, electric scooter rides, canoe rides, tickets for concerts, festivals or shows, etc.
  • team building activities: creative workshops, escape game, treasure hunt, vintage car rally.

In a nutshell, Destination Management Company offer multiple benefits: it’s a single point of contact who perfectly knows the places and providers of the destination to create a tailor-made stay or event by carefully selecting them, in perfect harmony with customer expectations, both in terms of content and budget, with the added bonus of having a trusted point of contact who will cater to all the needs of customers.

What more could you ask for?

To find out more about the services of XO madame, don’t hesitate to visit our page dedicated to professionals.


We would be delighted to help you organize visits and events in the vineyards of Cognac. So please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or using the contact form below. So please feel free to contact us by telephone, email, or using the contact form below, and we will be delighted to respond as quickly as possible to fulfill your expectations.